Промышленный Modbus шлюз Planet 1 порт RS232/422/485, 1 слот SFP 100Мб/с (IMG-2105AT, 154-337) Новинка

IMG-2105AT Промышленный Modbus шлюз Planet 1 порт RS232/422/485, 1 слот SFP 100Мб/с

Артикул: IMG-2105AT
Производитель: Planet
Производство: Тайвань (Китай)
Внутренний код: 154-337

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Схема изделия

Схема: Промышленный Modbus шлюз Planet 1 порт RS232/422/485, 1 слот SFP 100Мб/с

Описание изделия

Serial Interface

One DB9 interface that supports RS232
One terminal block interface that supports 2-wire RS485 and 4-wire RS422/RS485 operation
Asynchronous serial data rates up to 921600bps

Ethernet Interface

Choice of fiber connectors: SC/LC fiber connector or multi-mode/single mode fiber connector

Management Function

Built-in IP-based Web interface and telnet interface for remote management
Software Protocol supports Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, IP, ARP, DHCP and DNS
Supports RTU Master, RTU Slave, ASCII Master, and ASCII Slave four serial operation modes via management interface
Master mode supports 32 TCP slave connection requests
Slave mode supports 32 TCP master connections
PLANET Modbus Gateway utility for finding client device on the network
PLANET Smart Discovery utility automatically finds the client devices on the network
Firmware upgrade/configuration backup and restore via HTTP protocol

Industrial Case and Installation

IP30 metal case
DIN-rail and wall-mount designs
Redundant power design
- 9 to 48V DC / 24V AC, redundant power with reverse polarity protection
Supports 6000 VDC Ethernet ESD protection
Free fall, shock-proof and vibration-proof for industries
Supports extensive LED indicators for network diagnosis
-40 to 75 degrees C operating temperature
Reset button for resetting to factory default

Standard Industrial Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII Network Integration

PLANET has added the Industrial Modbus TCP/IP Protocol to its easily-integrated industrial management level products that come with SCADA/HMI system and other data acquisition systems on factory floors. Moreover, the industrial IT SNMP network is upgraded to the Industrial automation Modbus TCP/IP network. PLANET industrial management level products with the Modbus TCP/IP Protocol offer flexible network connectivity solutions for the industrial automation environment.

To complete the industrial automation environment application solution, PLANET has announced a first industrial level 1-port RS232/422/485 Modbus Gateway, IMG-210xT Series, a bridge that converts between Modbus TCP/IP Protocol and Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol. It features a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 75 degrees C and a compact but rugged IP30 metal housing.

A Conversion Bridge for Flexible Network Deployment

The IMG-210xT Series can be a conversion bridge between the equipment with the Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol and the administrator workstations that run the Modbus TCP/IP Protocol. The RS232/422/485 serial interface of the IMG-210xT Series provides the Modbus RTU/ASCII operation mode and various baud rate options to meet the demand of integration between the Modbus TCP/IP Protocol, Modbus RTU Master/Slave Protocol and Modbus ASCII Master/Slave Protocol.

The advantage of having the IMG-210xT series is to assist users to build an industrial environment between the Modbus TCP/IP Protocol and the Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol easily, thus offering an application solution to the industrial control equipment without Ethernet ports and the industrial control equipment can only control through an industrial PC workstation or industrial control panel.

In addition, the effective integration solution of Modbus Ethernet devices, Modbus serial equipment or multi Modbus master / slave in an industrial hybrid network brings the following:

Master mode supports up to 32 TCP slave connection requests
Slave mode supports up to 32 TCP master connections

Remote Management

The IMG-210xT series makes the connected industrial Modbus RTU/ASCII equipment become IP-based facilities and is able to connect to the Modbus TCP/IP network via its RS232/422/485 serial interface and 100BASE-FX Ethernet port. It provides a remote web management and telnet Interface for efficient remote network management. The IMG-210xT series also provides PLANET Modbus Gateway utility tool and supports PLANET Smart Discovery utility to help network administrator to easily get the current IP subnet address information or change the IP subnet address setting of the IMG-210xT series.

Modbus Serial Port State Monitoring

The IMG-210xT series shows the details of the total bytes transmitted and received on the RS232/422/485 serial interface, and the detailed total number of frames transmitted and received on the remote web/telnet management interface. This function allows network administrator to check the status and statistics of the IMG-210xT series via the single RS232/422/485 serial interface.

Stable Performance in Hardened Environment Design

The IMG-210xT series provides a high level of immunity against electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges which are usually found on plant floors or in curb-side traffic control cabinets. Its operating temperature ranging from -40 to 75 degrees C allows the IMG-210xT series to be placed in almost any difficult environment.

The IMG-210xT series is equipped with a compact IP30-rated metal case that allows wall mounting for efficient use of cabinet space. The IMG-210xT series also provides an integrated power supply source with wide-ranging voltages (9 to 48V DC / 24V AC) ideally suitable for worldwide operation with high availability applications.
Dual Power Input for High Availability Network System

The IMG-210xT series features a strong dual power input system with wide-ranging voltages (9V~48V DC / 24V AC) incorporated into customer’s automation network to enhance system reliability and uptime. In the example below, when Power Supply 1 fails to work, the hardware failover function will be activated automatically to keep powering the IMG-210xT series via Power Supply 2 without any break of operation.

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